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I specialize in a VIP home grooming experience.

Upon arrival at your residence I'll send you a message letting you know I'm here. This helps to avoid startling your beloved pet and start things off right. Our introduction includes a courteous meet-and-greet, complemented by gourmet treats, setting the stage for a luxurious grooming session.

I'll then set up my equipment: a robust grooming table with a professional-grade arm for optimal handling, and a portable hydro surge bathing system that allows me to bathe anywhere in your home. For finishing touches, I utilize a professional high-velocity dryer to achieve a voluminous, fluffy coat.

I pride myself on using premium canine shampoos that not only enhance your dog's appearance but also maintain their impeccable grooming for an extended period.

Understanding the sensitivities some pets may have towards grooming, I prefer Elizabethan collars as a gentle alternative to muzzles, prioritizing your dog's comfort and safety.

Above all, I believe in positive reinforcement, offering an assortment of deluxe treats and engaging with soothing, affectionate interactions. The VIP package is not merely grooming but a calm, attentive experience for your dog, characterized by meticulous care, top of the line products, and a genuine love for pooches.